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April 2015

Upcoming Programs

June 2 Understanding Your Teenage Grandchildren
June 7 Stuck in Stuff
June 16   Show & Tell For Grownups
July 14  Bastille Day Celebration Dinner
July 20 The Muse Behind the Artist at the Print Club
Sept. 15 Tour of the Conservation Center

Inquirer Op Ed:It can take a village to remain independent

Inquirer Op Ed:It can take a village to remain independent
 The Penn's Village program that supports members in   understanding and navigating the health care system. 
 The Village Movement
Penn's Village is a proud member of the Village to Village Network  
now with 190 Villages with 185 in development.
      Caring volunteers help with transportation, errand & tasks.
   Live a vibrant & engaged life in your home & neighborhood.
   Enjoy a wide variety of educational, cultural & social events.
Businesses Are Neighbors Too

 Our Partners Also Have Great Programs
Free Library Senior Services
Penn's Village Board Member Dick Levinson will
on July 20.
LGBT Elder Initiative
Friends in the City
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

Thank You To The First Presbyterian Church
A very sincere thank you to the First Presbyterian Church for generously providing space to Penn's Village and for always being there for us.