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Membership With a Heart

Penn’s Village, with the other 200 villages across the U.S, is redefining what it means to grow older.


Most of us want to live active, engaged and interesting lives in the central Philadelphia neighborhoods we love. Penn’s Village cultural, educational and social programs create unique opportunities for discovery, learning and enjoyment. 


Should a neighbor need support, our volunteers provide services such as transportation, assistance with chores or navigating the health care system, companionship and even help setting up a computer or smart phone.


There are levels of membership based on your interests and needs, and very fulfilling volunteer opportunities both working directly with members and assisting behind the scenes.  Many neighbors are both members and volunteers.

Upcoming Programs
Monday July 10 Eleanor Roosevelt Calls for Courage Ann Atkins 
Wednesday  July 12 Home Equity Happy Hour Greg McDermott 
 Monday September 25 Tea, Scones & Phones IV  
 Monday September 25  Atul Gawande Webinar   
Wednesday September 27 Eat Well & Live Well Everyday Matthew Whipple 
 Saturday September 28 Meet Penn's Village at the Eagle  

 Businesses Are Neighbors Too  Other Friends

We appreciate and rely on the donations of generous local businesses.  
Click Here  to see ways in which businesses can support us and the complete list of neighbor businesses.
We are a proud member of the Village to Village Network, now with 205 villages across the USA and beyond.  

Check out the wonderful programs offered by our partners.

A very sincere thank you to the First Presbyterian Church for generously providing space to Penn's Village and for always being there for us


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