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100 Penn's Village Members, Volunteers & Friends
Celebrate at Our Annual Party in May

May 2016 Annual Party
July 20   Muse Behind the Artist at the Print Center
Sept 9  
New Mormon Temple 
Sept 15  Conservation Center for Art and Artifacts
Oct 6    Philadelphia Produce Market
Oct 12   The Philadelphia Zoo with Arleen Dascola
Oct 18   The Presidential Election with Neil Oxman
Nov 9   Rittenhouse Writers with Author James Rahn
Nov 17  Under Glass: A Victorian Obsession with John Whitenight
Dec 7   The Gift of Sleep

Penn’s Village specially trained volunteers are available to work with Villagers as they navigate the health care system.  A Health Pal will help you prepare for physician-office visits, same-day surgery, diagnostic procedures, and therapeutic appointments.  They will discuss information provided by a health care provider and assist with recommended follow-up.

The Village Movement
Penn's Village is a proud member of the Village to Village Network now with 190 Villages with 185 in development.
 American Foreign Services Journal - It Takes A Village

Caring volunteers help with transportation, errand & tasks.
   Live a vibrant & engaged life in your home & neighborhood.
   Enjoy a wide variety of educational, cultural & social events.
Businesses Are Neighbors Too
 Our Partners Also Have Great Programs

Free Library Senior Services
Penn's Village Board Member Dick Levinson will present The Hidden History of Presidential Health on July 20.
LGBT Elder Initiative
Friends in the City
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging