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Eleanor Roosevelt 
and the Courage to Change
With Author Ann Atkins
Monday, July 10, 10:30 a.m. 

Penn's Village is pleased to welcome back Ann Atkins to present Eleanor: Part 2, covering the last decades of Eleanor's life. If you missed Eleanor Part 1 - no worries, Ann will give a brief recap. Hounded by the FBI, Eleanor’s file is 3,000 pages long and the KKK has a $25,000 bounty on her head.  While Eleanor is working on the world stage, she learns firsthand that the name ‘United Nations’ is an oxymoron.  Bridging the gap between prejudice and reality – Eleanor spends the last decades of her life helping the American people open their eyes to blind spots and to have the courage to change.   


Ann is the author of “Eleanor Roosevelt-Unleashed, A Life of Soul Searching and Self Discovery” She has a vast breadth of knowledge of courageous women as also the author of “Golda Meir-True Grit” and “Marie Curie-A Nobel Life”.  She has appeared at the National Press Club, and presented at universities and civic associations. Penn's Village is grateful that Ann is a neighbor. 

We will meet in the MacColl Room of the First Presbyterian Church, 201 S. 21st Street, entrance on 21st Street. The building is handicapped accessible. Kindly let us know in advance if this is needed. 

This program is free for Penn’s Village members and volunteers. Other guests are welcome to attend three programs before joining and/or volunteering. A $5 donation to Penn’s Village from guests will be most appreciated.

RSVP by emailing or calling 215-925-7333.