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The Gift of Caring

Penn's Village serves residents of Central Philadelphia neighborhoods.    Members join at the Villager or Neighbor level.  All members attend our distinctive educational, cultural and social programs and have access to our list of member recommended providers such as electricians and home care providers.

Villager Membership

With one phone call or email message, Villagers access a wide range of volunteer provided services.  Membership dues are $600 per year.  Villager applicants are interviewed in their homes so we understand the member's needs.
Neighbor Membership

Neighbors dues are $200 per year.   This membership level includes two complimentary volunteer provided services each year. Neighbors may transition to Villager status at any time and prorated contributions are credited to Villager dues.  

Please complete the payment screen with your contact information and be sure to click "notify" to give us the the name and contact information of the person you care so much about.

Pay by Credit Card or PayPal
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Send a check to:
Penn's Village
201 South 21st Street,Philadelphia, PA19103

Thank you so much for thinking of Penn's Village for those you care about.