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Women In Islam

Thursday, October 10, 2019, 2:00 PM
Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce –
The Bellevue Hotel Empowerment Room • 200 So. Broad St #700*

Join us for a lecture on
the tenets of Islam, the relationship between men and women and issues that arise, differences between Western and Islamic attitudes and aspects of the current situation in the US, the Middle East and Europe. This enlightening lecture will be given by Buntzie Churchill, Professor emeritus, Princeton University's Near East Studies Department, who led the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia as president for almost a quarter century building a national reputation. She moderated the Council's daily radio show on WFLN-FM for a decade.

Mrs. Churchill, who graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania in political science and international relations has coauthored two books with Princeton professor, emeritus, Bernard Lewis -- Islam: the Religion and the People and “Notes on a Century: Reflections of a Middle East Historian”.

This program is free for Penn’s Village members and volunteers. Other guests are welcome to attend three programs before joining and/or volunteering. A $10 donation to Penn’s Village from guests will be most appreciated. 

Please RSVP online by email at or by phone (215) 925-7333.
Please cancel if you are unable to make your reservation so there will be room for others.
                                                                                         * Handicapped accessible