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Marsh Creek State Park
By Clare Novak
Posted on 5/19/2020 5:41 PM

Water is calming; it is easy to sit on the shore and let the sight of water float our cares away. Our local lakes are wonderful picnic options for a carefree afternoon. Marsh Creek State Park has both a main picnic area on the East side of the park and a smaller picnic area on the West side. Each side of the park has its own personality.

The East side is designed for accessibility, picnicking, boat rentals and kids. It has great views of the lake, including watching colorful sail boats ply the waters. The drive to the West side is more scenic and rural, winding alongside the Brandywine Creek. While the West side has a few picnic tables, blanket picnicking is more common, or tailgating, as the guest prefers. The road to the West side entrance drops down from a hill, rewarding visitors with a panoramic view.

For bird watchers, there is a wonderful variety of inhabitants. Kingfishers, Mallards, Great Blue Herons, Gold Finches, Downy Woodpecker and many others are permanent residents. There have also been Bald Eagle sightings on occasion. If you still hike, and love birds, you can be rewarded with sighting Pileated Woodpeckers.

There are flat and relatively easy walking trails as well as more challenging walks, for active visitors. At the same time, it is equally pleasurable to sit in your own lawn chair and just watch the world go by. The park website has directions to all of the parking areas, information on openings and accessibility and yes, bathrooms. One note, holiday weekends can be quite crowded. The park is usually at capacity by mid-morning during summer holidays.

Clare Novak travels far and near (though not at this time). She started her travel website and blogs in 2018, seeking to share the world’s beauty and delightful experiences. Ms. Novak is an international consultant in Human Resources, Gender Equality and Leadership. She has published business books and articles and speaks on those topics for international Conferences. When at home in Pennsylvania, she travels locally to discover interesting places.
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