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Inclusiveness and Diversity

Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month
By Mike Pulsifer
Posted: 2022-05-01T04:00:00Z

Each month the Penn's Village Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee recommends several resources to help our members and friends to be more aware of the racial biases in each of us and in our society, and the resulting inequities, past and present. It is the committee’s hope that this information may even inspire us to make corrective changes. These resources, assembled by Penn’s Village members Harry Sakamaki and Mike Pulsifer, represent different mediums, different perspectives and experiences, and diverse authors.

May, 2022 Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

The Official Webpage That Explains the Origin and Offers Resources to Celebrate This Month

The U.S. celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month each May. John F. Kennedy once said: “Our attitude towards immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal.” The American ideal is to recognize the rich cultural diversity of our nation and honor the contributions of all immigrants. Through traditional and social media, in theaters, museums, and parks, various events are organized to draw attention to Asian American and Pacific Islander culture. To learn much more about this month click here.

Book: Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning by Cathy Park Hong

Winner of the 2020 National Book Critics Circle Award for Autobiography, poet and essayist Cathy Park Hong fearlessly and provocatively blends memoir, cultural criticism, and history to expose fresh truths about racism in America. Part memoir and part cultural criticism, this collection of essays is vulnerable, humorous, and provocative. Its relentless and riveting pursuit of vital questions around family and friendship, art and politics, identity and individuality, will change the way you think about our world.

TED Talk and TV Interview: This Is America by Nydia Han

Nydia Han is ABC’s (Channel 6) consumer investigative reporter, troubleshooter, and co-anchor of Action News Sunday mornings in Philadelphia. Her Facebook response to a driver who yelled, “This is America” at her Asian face went viral and sparked a nationwide debate about race, racism, and the American experience. That alone was unexpected. But the real surprise is uncovered when Nydia tracks down her social media critics, even those who don't want to be found, and sits down with these people “on the other side.” To view her four- minute interview about her initial encounter with this driver click here. To see her subsequent TED talk that grew out of this experience click here

Library Of Congress Lecture Series: A Gift to Be Simple: Japanese American Influence on Appalachian Spring by Dr. Marta Robertson

Dr. Marta Robertson is a professor at the Sunderman Conservatory of Music at Gettysburg College. Her lecture looks at the iconic ballet "Appalachian Spring" (1944) through the lens of Japanese-American influences on the initial production, especially via the dancing of Yuriko [Kikuchi] and set design of Isamu Noguchi. Detained in incarceration camps, Yuriko and Noguchi offer political and cultural perspectives on the frontier and Americana that contrast with those of choreographer Martha Graham and composer Aaron Copland. To view this 51- minute lecture

click here.

2022 Global Talent, Diversity and Inclusion Symposium

The Global Talent, Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Symposium is a timely and important annual event discussing the challenges and opportunities the Asian/Asian Pacific Islander community is facing within and outside the workplace. To view this Wednesday, May 11, 2022 event from 9:30 am to 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time click here.