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Travel Tips - Part 1
By Clare Novak
Posted on 4/26/2018 2:51 PM

Travel Tips – Part 1

Pack Properly for Less Travel Stress

Keeping your own comfort in mind, as well as an easy trip through security, plan ahead not only for what to pack but how to pack it. Consider your “personal item,” purse or brief case, the container for everything you will need at your seat. Then the carry-on bag can go in the overhead bin and you will not need to get into it during the flight or block the aisle getting things out of it during boarding.

Respect Other Passengers:

  • Stow your carryon and get out of the aisle quickly
  • Decide who gets which seat BEFORE boarding when traveling with a partner or group
  • Mind your possessions. Moving your bags or backpack abruptly can result in another passenger being hit.

The “personal item” contents for comfort:

  • A water bottle that can be filled after security
  • Liquids bag with all the small things you will need at your seat, such as on-flight medications, sanitizer, noise cancelling ear buds, etc. There is no rule against having more than liquids in the liquids bag
  • Wallet, computer/tablet, phone, chargers, toothbrush, comb and when traveling internationally, passport and electrical adaptors

Pack the carry-on bag as if it’s a certainty that you will miss a connection or your checked bag won’t arrive. Have a day’s worth of everything you’ll need to be comfortable. Blankets are not routinely provided by all airlines. If you tend to get cold, put a warm wrap in your carryon.

Medications fly carry on. Put on-flight medications in your personal item and the medications for the entire trip in your carry on. Prescription medications are best kept in their original containers when traveling internationally. It is also useful to have a paper copy of your prescriptions and your physicians’ contact information in the event of an emergency.

Finally, and this cannot be said enough—leave plenty of time. Airports are more hospitable places than they used to be, at least in most major airports. Why not leave early, get through security then sit and relax?

Clare Novak is an international speaker, author and consultant. Her work and personal travel have taken her to 45 States and 35 countries. Her international work began in Egypt and has since taken her to some less commonly visited countries, including Georgia, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Macedonia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Ukraine. Her travel website is  


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